Weed Control

Weeds love all of the conditions that your lawn doesn’t. Soil that’s too dry or too wet, thin spots, underfed grass — they look like home sweet home to all kinds of weeds.

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If you keep your lawn healthy, you’ll do a lot to keep weeds from taking over. Just follow these simple tips, and your lawn will look the way you always wanted it to.

A few tips

Some people think that healthy lawns look like putting greens. The fact is, longer grass grows longer, healthier roots. By raising the setting on your lawnmower, you’ll do a lot to help your grass grow thick and healthy. A thick lawn keeps weeds out.


Lawns need nutrients. Regular feeding helps them develop healthy roots and blades. Start with a spring feed around the first time that you mow. Follow with a late summer, fall, and Thanksgiving feeding, and your lawn will be as lush and beautiful as you’ve wanted it to be. If weeds have been well established in your yard, start out with a weed-and-feed product,

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